Practical DevSecOps - Runtime Security and Observability

Sneak peek into kernel, syscalls, ebpf, kprobes, runtime security, Kubernetes API server bypass, tetragon protection, bypassing protection & more.

Security myths about managed Kubernetes Clusters

This workshop aims to break the security myths about managed Kubernetes clusters & demos a takeover attack on an exposed EKS cluster with default configuration & insecure workloads.

KubeSimplify - Container & Kubernetes Security Workshop

This workshop aims to kick a notch higher by introducing you to the security aspects of the container world.

Containers and Kubernetes security workshop

Notes for an extensive 2.5 hour workshop

Containers from scratch

Running a rootless container in a few lines of Go code with just linux syscalls

Drone UI

UI interface for drone CI/CD

Grumpy: Cosign Validator

Runs as validating admission controller to verify integrity of images

Harbor Enhanced Logging

Improving the security audit logging in Harbor using OpenResty & change of architectural design

Kyverno App

Helm chart for Giant Swarm's management of the Kyverno

Malicious Admission Controller

Kubernetes Admission Controller Webhook Demo