CNCF Live Webinar - Thinking like a threat actor in your Kubernetes environments

Threat actors only need to find one gap in your Kubernetes and container infrastructure to access your crown jewels. Understanding suspicious activity is critical for better security–but Kubernetes is a new realm for many enterprises, and it’s always …

Practical DevSecOps - Runtime Security and Observability

Sneak peek into kernel, syscalls, ebpf, kprobes, runtime security, Kubernetes API server bypass, tetragon protection, bypassing protection & more.

DevSecCon - SBOM - The inescapable way of tracking dependencies

The talk will focus on increasing awareness about SBOM, a key buzzword in the wake of cyber-attacks, and discussing its importance, formats, and ways to generate, manage, and monitor SBOMs in different stages of SDLC.

Gitex Kubernetes Community Day - Software Supply Chain Security: No Kill Switch Yet

This talk aims to introduce the seriousness of software supply chain security

Security myths about managed Kubernetes Clusters

This workshop aims to break the security myths about managed Kubernetes clusters & demos a takeover attack on an exposed EKS cluster with default configuration & insecure workloads.

KubeSimplify - Container & Kubernetes Security Workshop

This workshop aims to kick a notch higher by introducing you to the security aspects of the container world.

BlackHat USA - A Practical Approach To Breaking & Pwning Kubernetes Clusters

Four Day Training on Breaking & Pwning Kubernetes Clusters

Containers and Kubernetes security workshop

Notes for an extensive 2.5 hour workshop

Kubectl fields

Plugin to parse and search fields from kubectl resources hierarchy tree

Kubectl whisper secret

Plugin to create secrets with secure input prompt to prevent information leakages through terminal history, shoulder surfing attacks, etc