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Install tools

To get started with reviewing the android application, as a pre-requisite we need to install a few of tools for smoother testing. We will need the following tools:

  • Android phone (rooted preferred) or emulator like genymotion, memu, etc.
  • adb
  • frida
  • apkx
  • apktool
  • ghidra

Install frida

First things first, we need to install frida-server on the target device. I'm using genymotion as my emulator which uses x86 as underlying architecture. Download, here. If you are using android phone use arm downloadable, here

Download the file, extract the executable and push it to the target device.

xz --decompress frida-server-14.2.18-android-x86.xz
adb push frida-server-14.2.18-android-x86 /tmp

Install frida server

Open shell on the emulator with adb shell and execute the file in the background

rewanth@rewanth-ThinkPad-T450s:/tmp$ adb shell
vbox86p:/$ cd tmp
vbox86p:/tmp$ ./frida-server-14.2.18-android-x86 &

The terminal might stop responding after running frida server in background. Don't panic, kill the session and open a new terminal for further operations.

Install frida client on the attacking machine.

pip install frida-tools

Check frida status

frida-ps -U

Frida running status check

If you are getting any different output, possible reasons are frida server might not be running or frida tools aren't installed properly. Refer to the tools page.

Install docker and start backend server


Install and configure burpsuite with emulator


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